The Haircut

“I want my hair back!” my six year old daughter wailed at the mirror after she was swiveled around by the hairdresser to see the final product. We are not talking about crying here, we are talking about full out wailing. The other hairdressers and the other patrons all turned to see what had happened. The hairdresser, a young girl who looked as if she was just out of beauty school looked perplexed and I am sure she wanted to crawl into a hole in the floor. She tried to ask if she could do something but her words were drowned by Daryl’s wailing.

My oldest Daughter, Kelly and I swung into action. I immediately went to the front desk to pay for the haircut trying to explain that there was nothing wrong with the haircut and there was nothing they could do to fix it. Kelly went to Daryl to try to extricate her from the barber chair and start the process of getting her to the car. Daryl continued to wail about wanting her hair back. After I paid the bill, I grabbed Daryl by the arms and Kelly grabbed her feet. We had perfected this act many times before, in grocery stores, in department stores, anything indoors with bright lights and lots of stimulating things. We carried Daryl out to the car and threw her in the backseat where she could thrash around freely if she needed to. We jumped in the front and sped out of there.

As the wailing started to slow down a bit I tried the art of distraction. “Daryl, you did such a great job holding still for that lady cutting your hair!” Kelly chimed right in, “Yeah, Daryl you were such a big girl.” By the time we got back home the cheerful Daryl was back. That is until she looked in the mirror again and the wailing started all over again. Eventually, she would get used to the new haircut and then we would have a breather until the day came that Daryl decided she needed another haircut.

It was not as though I even cared to have Daryl’s hair cut; there was always so much work involved with getting anything done with Daryl. It was so hard to get her to sit still when I did it myself. She was afraid of the scissors and something always tickled. She could not sit still and she never liked the results after it was done. It didn’t matter how nice the haircut turned out. She was just not good with change. But she had been begging me to get her hair cut. When Daryl wanted something it did not go away. She could be relentless and in the end it was usually much easier to give in.

This was the first time we had gone to an actual beauty shop. Later Kelly and I would talk over whether we thought it had been worth it. We decided it had gone pretty well, considering. Daryl sat really still for the hairdresser and she did not lose it until the very end and the haircut was done by then. We just needed to find a new shop to go to the next time.


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