December 2, 2011

I have taken the week off from doing something completely different. My plans each fell through, the cold weather set in and I just wanted to stay in my warm cozy house and curl up with a nice book and a cup of coffee.

I have enjoyed the fun of getting out there and doing something out of my routine. It has caused me to think outside my box and to get out of the house even when it was after dark. It has even cut into my TV watching time but not to the extent that I had hoped. I have discovered that TV has crept into my life in the way cookies can and before I know it I am addicted. I have never been good at going cold turkey. I have quit drinking coffee on more than one occasion by going cold turkey and have always started back with a vengeance worse than before I quit. So if I want to ease up on TV, cookies and coffee I have to do it slowly like getting into a cold swimming pool. When I was a kid I could jump in even though I lived in Wisconsin and the pools were unheated. Now I prefer to go in gently and I scream just a little when I get waist high. I may be waist high right now with new things in my life. There is the new house that we are closing on next week; I am suddenly missing my old house and I have not even moved yet. I know the water will be fine once I get in but right now it is a bit of a shock.

Neither am I one to have stringent criteria in my life; the only rule I have is that there are no rules. So it is not hard to take a week off from doing something completely different. I have liked what has come out of this little experiment. I have especially enjoyed the blog. I think writing about each little new thing I am up to has given it a life of its own that I may not have focused on if I had not written it down for me and the world to see. I am forced to sit with a memory and pull pieces from it that would otherwise get lost in the hectic pace of life. It’s not that my life is hectic these days but I still maintain the habits of a hectic person. I do not savor the moment because I am scurrying on to the next. Writing slows that down.

At this moment I am sitting in a cushy chair at the Starbucks with Van Morrison playing an old tune on the overhead speakers. The sky is one grey cloud covering the view of push ridge out the window. Snow flakes and Peanuts like cartoon skaters decorate the plate glass windows and the chairs are filled with patrons of all ages chatting to each other or reading their newspapers and Kindles or madly typing on computers. This has to be the best spot in the world right now.